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I Saw UFO "As Big As A Small City" Over Downtown Saskatoon, Canada: MUFON Report

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According eyewitnesses testimonial on MUFON website case - 28927: On December 18, 2010 I was about to head to bed, I decided to go outside for a cigarette. I went to my front door and lit up. I looked up to the sky and saw what I believe was a UFO which hovered above downtown Saskatoon. I couldn't get over how big it was. I took reference points from various places like trees and a condo unit that is 500 plus meters from my front door. 

My best estimate was that this UFO was at least 6 stories high and looked to me from the distance it appeared to be away from me to be at least a mile wide to two miles in length. I remember thinking how beautiful it was. The underside was extremely clear and my focus was on the designs that were underneath. They seemed to be mayan or even egyptian designs. With gold or silver trim and black fill the design looked to be some sort of maze.

I looked to figure the size of this craft which filled the sky. My reference points were two trees and suggested this was at least a couple of miles wide and by the distance it seemed to be away from me (one mile) this craft was at least as tall as the condo block which it hovered over. It stretched from the condo block as far as my eye could see. Then the UFO flew straight up to space. There was no noise, No recognizable power source it seemed more like some kind of anti gravity propulsion that took it away at an extremely high speed.

I was fascinated to see whether the craft would have some heat trail as it left the atmosphere yet there was nothing it just disappeared into the stratosphere. The strangest thing for me was what happened after the event. I went into my house and immediately forgot i'd seen a UFO. It wasn't until two days later when i went out for a smoke at roughly the same time when i looked up to the sky and my brain clicked 'oh that was where the UFO was'

Then i nearly fell over in disbelief that i could forget even for a couple of days such an experience. I spent the next day going over in my mind what had really happened. Maybe it didn't happen, Maybe it was a dream, Maybe i'd had some kind of memory wipe or something, after much deliberation i came to the conclusion that this was a real event, I then told my wife and posted on facebook, hoping someone else would have seen it.

Nothing came back, no sightings. I have an idea that this and many other UFO's use some kind of cloaking device or even mind manipulation to reduce sighting occurrences. I don't know all i do know is this craft was the most beautiful thing i'd ever seen.

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Battle Garbage Galactica: Russia set to hunt space debris

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Published: 29 April, 2011, 16:08
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As the last frontier becomes increasingly cluttered with space junk, Russia says it has the radar capabilities to detect and track these objects, which are beginning to pose a collision risk for space missions.
Ilgar Tagiyev, chief of combat logarithms and programs unit in the missile defense division, has told Interfax-AVN that Russia’s Don-2N multifunctional radar station is capable of detecting and tracking the millions of various space objects in near-Earth orbits, including potentially dangerous space “garbage.”
Space experts identify “space junk” as everything from spent rocket stages and dead satellites to tiny metal fragments (At the height of the Cold War, for example, the US military, worried that the Soviet Union would cut its undersea communication cable, launched Project West Ford, which called for placing a ring of 480 million copper dipole antennae – almost 2 centimeters long each – in medium Earth orbit to facilitate a international radio communication; the project was scrapped, yet the needles remain. According to a 2007 study by Virginia Tech, it was reported that “many clumps of the needles are indeed still in orbit”).
The Don-2N is part of the National Missile Defense system.
"The radar is capable of tracing at least 12,000 space objects," Tagiyev confirmed.
Discussing the sizable fragments of space parts floating in orbit, which number “in the tens of thousands,” Tagiyev said the debris poses an increasing threat to space missions, including that of the International Space Station (ISS).
While most space junk is very small in size, and may be countered by reinforcing the external shell of space crafts, other pieces, like spent rocket boosters, are large and require space crews to manually steer clear of them.
In January 2007, for example, a fragment of the Chinese Feng Yun 1C weather satellite, which the Chinese destroyed earlier as part of an anti-satellite experiment, passed within a short distance from the International Space Station, he said.
Asked whether the Russian surveillance system detected an increase of space garbage after China destroyed the weather satellite, Tagiyev said that about 2,500 new objects appeared in orbit following the satellite’s planned destruction.
Russia: soon the only taxi to space
On Wednesday, Russia launched an unmanned spacecraft to supply the crew on board the ISS with a new shipment of equipment and supplies.
The Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) said in a statement that the M-10M Progress took off from the Baikonur space center in Kazakhstan. It is scheduled to dock with the ISS on Friday.
The international crew aboard the ISS currently consists of an Italian, two NASA astronauts and three Russians.
Meanwhile, NASA is preparing for a historic last on Friday, as the space shuttle Endeavor makes it final trip into outer space.
Endeavour will blast off from Cape Canaveral, Florida to deliver the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer and spare parts to the ISS. The US space shuttle mission will come to a final close in June after Atlantis completes its final mission.
This will leave Russia the only country capable of conducting live space flights. It also places extra pressure on Russia to tidy up the extraterrestrial zone.
Tagiyev said the Don-2N radar helps ensure the safety of ISS flights by warning Mission Control about approaching space debris or other space objects.
Robert Bridge, RT

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Creepy Abandoned Mansions

By Morgan Brennan and Michelle Cerone,
Apr 8, 2011 
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By the time Thomas Brennan and Mary Alice Shallow bought their 5,000-square-foot farmhouse from Union State Bank, it had sat abandoned for nine months. At a paltry going price of $275,000, the Putnam County, N.Y. abode was nearly 60% cheaper than the other neighborhood homes, thanks to a foreclosure discount and years of neglect.
The property needed repairs, with some the worst damage having been inflicted by squatters, looters and vandals in the nine months leading up to Brennan and Shallow's purchase.
"The copper plumbing had been stolen out of the house, the windows were busted, the front door broken down," says Brennan. "Kids were inside vandalizing the house, and other people were stealing the antique furniture."
In Pictures: Nine Creepy Abandoned MansionsIn Pictures: Kate Middleton's Home
Homes across the U.S. sit abandoned, empty and vulnerable to vandalism, due in large part to the ongoing housing crisis. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that the national homeowner vacancy rate for the fourth quarter of 2010 was 2.7%. That represents more than 2 million empty homes--including some mansions.
A quick search on real estate listing sites like and shows thousands of palatial estates deserted and patiently awaiting sale, as pools turn green and dust settles on granite countertops. Some of these abodes belong to owners who have listed the properties and relocated. Many more face foreclosure or are already bank-owned.
"What's different about this foreclosure cycle is it has taken houses out of every aspect of the housing market," explains Rick Sharga, senior vice president at RealtyTrac, an Irvine, Calif., foreclosure listing site. "You rarely saw mansions in foreclosure [until recently], and now you are seeing much more expensive types of properties in foreclosure."
RealtyTrac has seen an unprecedented level of default activity in some of America's ritziest neighborhoods. For example, Beverly Hills, the sixth-most-expensive ZIP code in the country, had a 700% increase in foreclosures of homes $2 million and up over the last three years.
We compiled a list of creepy abandoned mansions. They've all been empty for years. In a few cases, the homes have recently been sold to buyers willing restore them. Some are foreclosures; some the targets of longstanding legal battles; some are still actively owned from afar.
What do we mean by creepy? We confined our search to homes decaying into the ground, boasting spooky legends or tragic murders, or serving as sites for sordid illegal activities. Many of them are for sale: Boxer Mike Tyson's deserted former Southington, Ohio, manor is listed for $1.3 million, and the allegedly haunted New Hampshire castle once inhabited by railroad tycoon Benjamin Ames Kimball can be had for a steeply discounted $880,000.
Unfortunately there is no easy answer for what to do with empty structures, whether they're mansions, more typical single-family residences or unfinished developments.
Here are five of the creepiest, abandoned mansions:
Mudhouse Mansion
4730 Mudhouse Rd., Lancaster, OH
Across the U.S. sprawling estates sit empty and abandoned. Fairfield County’s Mudhouse Mansion is one eerie example. This 19th-century red brick building has not housed a regular occupant since the 1930s, despite having an owner who still pays the property taxes. The once regal structure has fallen victim to fires, vandalism and rumors of ghastly hauntings.
Mudhouse Mansion in Lancaster, OH
Photo: Robert Batina

Vacant Mansion
3737 State Route 534, Southington, OH

The vacant manse was home to boxer Mike Tyson in the 1990s. The current asking price is $1.3 million, despite overgrown lawns and a moss-colored pool.
Unsold, abandoned mansion in Lancaster, OH

Abandoned Lakefront Estate
17920 W Colonial Drive, Oakland, Fla.
Following the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, Khalil bin Laden, Osama's brother, fled this lakefront estate. During six years of vacancy, damage to the property included bullet holes in the walls. More recently acquired, it is currently up for grabs for $2 million.
Former Florida home of Osama Bin Laden's brother is for sale.
Photo: ERA real estate

Lynnewood Hall
920 Spring Ave., Elkins Park, Pa.
The sprawling Widener manse, nicknamed "last of the American Versailles," sits empty and decaying as years' worth of legal battles rage on.
Lynnewood Hall in Elkins Park, Pa.

Kimball Castle
59 Lockes Hill Rd., Gilford, N.H.
For $880,000 you can investigate whether this eerie hillside castle "in need of total rehab" indeed deserved a cameo on reality TV series Ghost Hunters.
Kimball Castle in Gilford, N.H.
Photo: Public Domain

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