Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life is a Challenge

Only if you make it that way. When you look through the eyes of the beholder, what do you see? Love, hate, fear or tranquility? How do you answer the questions? God? The stars? So many questions, what is really out there? So many questions yet so many answers, but which one goes where? Which goes with the other? Everything is over-rated and to find the truth in a lie is almost impossible anymore. What is real or fake and how do you tell which is which? So many questions but still no answers.

I find it very difficult trying to explain all of life to my kids :) these are just some of the things that they have asked me amongst other things (Like why can she wear a bikini for a shirt and i can't ) trying to make my kids better than some of the people they see on the streets or even at a park. Now speaking about the park. i went to do a photo shoot and i took my children with me because we were doing at the park. when i pulled in all the kids got out and ran to play but as i stepped out of the car IN BROAD DAY-LIGHT i saw a couple "Having some fun" in the gazebo. COME ON!! MY KIDS ARE HERE!! there were like 4 other kids too and the couple i was shooting for a little girl as well. Is there no common sense at all in some people? So i got my cell phone out and i called the police to have them kicked out of the park. The worst thing was watching my kids watching them and trying to explain to them what they were doing and yelling at them not to look :) in the end the cops showed up and snuck right up on the couple (I LAUGHED SO HARD) and told them to leave. i got the photo shoot done and everyone was happy again UNTIL i got home and we told daddy what happened. Daddy was not happy at all with the couple and said they were lucky he wasnt there cause he would have pressed charges against them. which i understand they shouldnt be doing that at a park.......in the daytime........in front of kids.......in the middle of a wide open space for all to see........heheh..... but i was young once too and i remember doing stupid things like that. awe to feel young love again :) to me i thought getting busted by the cops was humiliating enough, i dont want them to go to jail over it. im so glad my kids are still young and they forget things fast ;) i have no idea really where im heading with this, i just started writing as usual and this is what came out :) has anybody else had any situations like mine in the park with your kids? i would love to hear some and how you explained it to them about the situation. it doesnt have to be the exact same as mine. like another time that was really funny yet embarrassing was when my daughter was a little over a year old (she is 6 now) and we was at walmart and this lady (who shouldnt have been wearing what she had on in the first place) came up to my daughter and told her she was so cute.... then my daughter pokes at her breast and says "I see your tities" OMGoodness i was about to roll on the floor laughing so hard, i couldnt believe she would say something like that. I just apologized and walked away. once the lady was out of sight i lost it. i hadnt laughed so hard in my whole laugh. I love my kids!!

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