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Mysterious jellyfish in sky over Andenesm, Norway, January 2010

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Mysterious jellyfish in sky over Andenesm, Norway, January 2010

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Back in 2009 we reported about Norway's Doomsday Ark Seed Vault and UFO Project Hessdalen. Later on in last two years we saw many UFO reports coming from Norway.

We also reported one of the most scientifically based analysis of a possible UFO/light phenomenon and Underground ET base in Hessdalen video documentary here on UFO-Blogger back in December 2009. When world media intensively reported about Spiral over Norway December 9, 2009

And now according to Mr Mikalsen "'I have never seen an object like this before, and I am eager to find an explanation to the phenomenon."

Mr Mikalsen captured this strange phenomenon he described as a 'parachute' when taking pictures of the vivid Aurora over Andenes, Norway

The photographer first assumed the odd optical effect was a spot on his camera lens. But after he posted his photographs on he was inundated with emails from interested experts from around the world.

Lead scientist Truls Lynn Hansen from Tromsø Geophysical Observatory said he doubted the picture, taken on January 20, was due to a simple camera fault.

He told the media : 'The "phenomenon" has the same greenish colour as the Northern Lights. That means the Northern Lights is the source of light causing the strange phenomenon.'

However, Mr Hansen said it was unlikely the Northern Lights could create the optical effect on its own. Instead the aurora might be bouncing off an external source like a satellite or an airplane.

In this way it would act like an 'iridium flare.' The flares are created by sunlight reflecting off iridium satellites. They appear as bright white flashes in the sky.

One problem with Mr Hansen's theory is that the light intensity from the Northern Lights is 100,000 times weaker than the sunlight.

This new green "jellyfish" image in the sky over Norway represents a close match to the famous "jellyfish" crop picture, that appeared mysteriously across 300 meters of not-easily-accessed field crop in southern England on May 29, 2009, close to the ancient site of Wayland's Smithy.
At the time, most researchers interpreted the "jellyfish" crop picture in terms of a distorted shape for Earth's planetary magnetic field, during some upcoming solar storm. Now a green "sky jellyfish" has appeared directly next to an aurora borealis in Norway, which itself was caused by a minor solar storm on January 17-20, 2010.

What are they trying to tell us? Could a major solar storm still lie in our near future? The Norway light spiral of December 9, 2009 also matched closely an English crop oicture from 2002. There have been four crop pictures so far, from 2003 to 2010, which have appeared in the night sky as well as in the field below.

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