Friday, January 28, 2011

Lake Elsinore UFO Sighting Videotaped From Multiple Angles In California,USA

According to eyewitness testimonial "On January 6, 2011 at 7:30 pm. we have sighted UFO sighting from Corona to Temecula, Ca. I was Lucky to have my camera on hand and capture the UFO before it split into three"

Lake Elsinore UFO sighting videotaped from Starbucks :

We got out of the car at Starbucks and everyone was standing in the parking lot staring at 3 lights forming a triangle in the sky. We saw it for about 1 minute before we started this recording. The lights all went out at the same time.

Lake Elsinore UFO sighting videotaped at 7 pm :

Another video :

According to Youtube user perryp2007 " I have contacted all skydiving company in the inland empire and all said they had not jumps scheduled, Elsinore said its plane was up for a short time but landed cause of malfunctions. March AFB said they had no team nor knew of any other military team up in thew area that night.

Another youtuber kellenmallen said : I'm not a space cadet nor do i believe that we had an "alien visit" in good ole' elsinore. But I've watched all of these videos, and in all of them i have noticed that these lights seem to stay stationary.

I've been watching skydivers jump at Elsinore my whole life, and they all slowly float down to the ground. Why in all of these videos do these lights appear to stay in one place? If it was skydivers, i would expect the "lights" to slowly descend. But it doesn't happen.. ?? its wierd..

Interestingly Lake Elsinore UFO sighting look similar to El Paso and Manhattan NYC 2010 UFO sightings.

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