Friday, January 28, 2011

UFO Hunters Gayland Jones Ranch case in Missouri

After all the approach in investigating the cow segment in this episode, it's really hard to dismiss the phenomena as just another hoax or as a modern haunting tale but its genuine.

For these are real occurring events perpetrated in 40 years with the same mutilation and precision to task obvious indication to a purpose not random for reasons unknown.

These investigations have the full support by these ranchers as incidents have definitely occurred, and that the ranchers are not lying or hoaxing and that no one has been able yet to solve these cases and get to the bottom of the truth.

Why would and especially how could ranchers do this (they rely on their cows for their income).

It's been stated in this episode that: "if the government wanted to mutilate cows for any reason, they could do it on their own land, with their own animals, and keep it totally hidden. They don't have to openly single out a particular rancher for repeated activity like this. It doesn't make sense........If it were even remotely possible the government was responsible, how could they repeatedly accomplish this with no one hearing them or catching them over this long period of time? This is a true mystery, and a scary one at that."

Common Facts to the phenomena:

- the number of states with different distances of different places where mutilated cows at an alarming rate are still accumulating.

- the mutilations are of an extreme in nature as very unnatural for random attacks, even being abnormal for a predators to behave and do

- every genuine cases has identical operations throughout the whole 'cattle mutilation events' and not wavering throughout the 40 years of the phenomena.

- there is a surgical precision involve that are more advance than what we have at present that we know of. For example: the cuts are smooth; not ripped or torn when done with knifes; they are too perfect and already starting to heal shortly after the event so the cuts are made by some other method than conventional

- the same body parts are being taken each time as for every cases through out its history regardless to all scattered uncommon distant places.

- the area of the event and the carcass, when initially found, does not seem to have any evidence of man-made or animals presence which would normally be left in doing the task of mutilating an animal. (i.e. no blood, membranes, tracks or marks around or near the carcass)

- in some cases, cows have been somehow physically moved to another location, and no one has yet to detect any of this being done.

- all the cows' mutilations that have done forensic and autopsy have no traces or left chemical or physical subduing and all are consistently done in silent since no one has yet to detect any of this being done.

- a definite high technology are used to accomplish all the left evidence or the lack of it

- this phenomena goes on up to these days still undetected, for about 40 years or so.

These are facts that came out of all the investigations not a plight of fantasy of UFO/ET involvement since there is no solid evidence of them.

Yet again UFO hunters have done a decent approach to this phenomena.


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